Rotary Knob

Simple User Interface
Since the first electric light bulb was commercialized, consumers have mostly used 0-dimensional on/off switches (Fig ⓐ) for over 100 years. Some of the installed light switches are dimmable, which is 1-dimensional adjustment of 1 parameter, the brightness (Fig ⓑ).
If color adjustment of light is added, we end up with 2 parameters and hence consumers are forced to perform 2-dimensional control. (Fig ⓒ, An independent control of brightness and color) It is our belief that the maximum complexity for everyday consumers is 1-dimensional control. 2-dimensional control is overly complicated. This belief led to the invention of Dim2Amber technology which enables both brightness and color control with 1-dimensional control.
With Dim2Amber, users can adjust the brightness of light with a simple and intuitive rotary knob, and the color of light changes automatically upon dimming. High-tech does not have to be complicated especially when it comes to user interface.